fredag 6 februari 2009

new tattoo

Nicky wieveg did this piece on me yesterday, it ws his 7th tattoo,
so come on snowboard friends who also love tatts and know nicky give him a call and do it!!

onsdag 4 februari 2009


I was down for the ispo in munich sunday till tuesday and it was off the hook!
gonna start riding for capita and union now, super stoked!!!! capita is the sickest board brand out there...
got to hang out with some cool cats aswell.
today I´ve been skating frysen which was epic.
I´m tired now gotta sleep,

btw should I shave my beard??

torsdag 29 januari 2009

NEW sälen rail

now guys this doesn´t happen too often.. sälen is known for having like the most ridden rail of all time haha, and nisse found a new sälen rail!! sick!!
today me, matte nyberg, tobbe karlsson and nisse ride it and magnus was filming!
everybody got good shots and good slams, we rounded the session offwith a meal at mcdronken (not my first hand choice exactly). and tomorrow were gonna film in kläppens fabulous park.yesterday I painted a t shirt print which I´m really proud of, gonna upload it when it´s done.

by the way, check this out!

måndag 26 januari 2009

pirate podcast

viktor the man edited this podcast and was kin enough to add me in it!
check it HERE
and magnus the man edited THIS with our 2 day mission before christmas,
thanks guys, U rock!

söndag 25 januari 2009

live for today

when I think of all the worries people seem to find, and how they´re in a hurry to complicate their mind, but chasing after moiney and dreams that cant come true, I´m glad that we are different, got better things to do... like shreding pow! today it´s been snowing like 30 cm which is a lot in sälen!! and after that were going out beering today!
it´s a freakin reunion like all my friends are in sälen now. it´s gonna be epic!!

ps check out the grass roots - live for today
such a good tune, they got it right in the 60´s

torsdag 22 januari 2009

best day of the season!!!

It´s been dumping here in engelberg for a couple days now and on tuesday we finished our shoot here because oskar was leaving for alaska. so yesterday we sat inside watching entourage all day waitng for today! today we woke up a 8´o clock to bluebird and half a meter of fresh.. packed our bags and went up the slopes, rode all day without eating so much fun!!! except for jakob who stayed at the hotel llobby instead because he didn´t want to pay for a lift pass!! haha, you missed out man!!

here are some shots from today but also some shots from the rest of the week including the infamous monster burger at yucatan... all in all it was a good trip and we got some good shots and good riding, though today was the only day we went up the mountain!

now were off to zurich,

söndag 18 januari 2009


So now me, micke lundmark and jakob edman have gone to engelberg,
the snow isn´t good but we´re making the most of it with oskar enander.
we have hit up 2 spots so far and built a third so it´s going good.
going back to sweden on friday so we have some time for it to snow, it was snowing for a while today and it´s supposed to snow tomorrow so maybe on tuesday!! hild your thumbs for it!
here are some shots from our trip here so far.

ps. jakobs boardbag was run over by a bus on our way here so his wheel broke haha..
and his "förgrenar uttag" was mad destroyed HAHA..